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Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College

What the Bow Valley College has to offer ?

Post Graduation Work Permit, Co-Op/Internship Participation, Work WhileStudying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

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Bow Valley College offers students extensive and rewarding hands-on learning experiences, that help them increase their skills and increase employment success. The main campus is located in Calgary, Alberta.  Bow Valley College offers certificate and diploma programs in Business, Community Studies, Creative Technologies, Health & Wellness, Intercultural Studies, and more. All programs have been developed in consultation with professionals, and follow international industry trends to ensure that programs are relevant and useful all over the world. Many programs include a practicum work term, providing graduates with the competitive skill sets they need to be successful in today’s workforce. Bow Valley is experiencing tremendous growth as more adult learners turn to their focused foundational and career programs to invigorate their career and attain personal fulfilment. Through small class sizes, accessible learning resources and supports, and flexible program delivery options, they ensure that students can find a place there that meets with their learning styles.

Why Bow Valley College?


Bow Valley College is Alberta’s largest community college, serving more than 17,500 students each year. There are international students from more than 148 countries, speaking more than 98 different languages. Their 700 faculty and staff reflect that diversity too. They speak more than 50 languages combined.  Graduates are work-ready in one to two years. Many of their career programs include work experience, so students also get hands-on experience before they graduate. 89% of graduates are working within six months. That’s because Bow Valley consult’s with hundreds of industry leaders to make sure the skills they teach are the skills employers want. Support services are available for international student that can help them succeed. Student services help them with learning challenges, stress, and more. As well as, many other great services make Bow Valley campus life an easier transition.

80+ Academic Programs to Choose From at Bow Valley College

Top Programs

  1. Cyber Security Post – Diploma Certificate
  2. Data-Management and Analytics Post – Baccalaureate Certificate
  3. Information Technology Diploma
  4. Digital Design Diploma
  5. Business Administration Diploma

Postgraduate Programs

● Post-Diploma Certificate – Software Development 
●Post-Diploma Certificate – Health and Human Services Management 
● Post-Diploma Certificate – Digital Marketing 
● Post-Baccalaureate Certificate – Data Management and Analytics

Undergraduate Programs

● College Diploma – Business Administration – Accounting (Optional Co-Op) 
● College Diploma – Business Administration – Event Management (Optional Co-Op) 
●  College Diploma – Child and Youth Care 
●  College Diploma – Digital Design 
●College Diploma – Early Childhood  Education and Development 
● College Diploma – Information Technology  Systems 
●College Diploma – Justice Studies –  Correctional Studies 
●  College Diploma – Pharmacy Technician

Language Proficiency Requirements

IELTS: Minimum 6.0 Overall

Reading: 6.0 Minimum
Writing: 6.0 Minimum
Listening: 6.0 Minimum
Speaking: 6.0 Minimum

International Entrance Scholarships

4 scholarships are available valued at $2,000 each. International students commencing a full-time certificate or diploma program are eligible to apply for this entrance scholarship.

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