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British Columbia Institute Of Technology

British Columbia Institute Of Technology

British Columbia Institute Of Technology

What the BCIT has to offer ?

Post Graduation Work Permit, Co-Op/Internship Participation, Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

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BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) is one of British Columbia’s largest post-secondary institutions with more than 48,000 students enrolled annually (16,600 full-time, 31,600 part-time). They offer practical career credentials designed for the workplace, including degrees, diplomas, and certificates in Applied and Natural Sciences, Business and Media, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering, Health Sciences and Trades. At BCIT, students learn theory and put it into practice all in one process. BCIT works with industries to ensure that their training remains on the cutting edge of current practices, and engage their students in the classroom, in the lab, and in the field, building a broad and relevant spectrum of skills. When students graduate, they’re ready to jump in and contribute—right from day one. Applied research activities help bring new products to the marketplace and address industry-specific problems.

Why BCIT? 


BCIT has a international population of 4,500 students, from 110 countries. BCIT has small class sizes and collaboration bringing students together to work side by side with each other and with experts from the industry. Students learning experience at BCIT may be intense, but students will graduate with industry ready skills and experiences that will prepare them to face the next step in their career. Project-based learning, applied research, and internships allow students to gain a competitive edge. Students will know the workplace and what to expect even before they graduate. Students completing a BCIT Certificate or Diploma program have an 87% employment rate, within 6 months of graduation. International students will become a part of a vibrant student community. From access to a newly-renovated fitness centre, to doggy de-stress days, monthly pub nights, and free breakfast Wednesdays, they’ll meet new friends and create lifelong connections.

170+ Academic Programs to Choose From at BC Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Programs

● College Certificate – Network Administration and Security Professional
● College Certificate – Software Systems Developer – Web Programmer Option
● College Diploma – Computer Information Technology (Optional Co-Op)
● Advanced College Diploma – Business Management
● Bachelor of Technology – Forensic Investigation – Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
● College Diploma – Full-Stack Web Development
● Associate Certificate – Graphic Design

Postgraduate Programs

● Graduate Certificate – Business Administration

Top Programs

1. Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering
2. Marketing Management – 2 Year Diploma
3. Computing: 2 Year Diploma + 2 Year Degree
4. Biomedical Engineering Technology: 2 Year Diploma
5. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering “M” Class

ESL Pathway Program

● International Student Entry – English for Academic Studies

Language Proficiency Requirements Entrance Scholarships

IELTS Scores Programs Requiring

● English 12 and 73% Average: Overall score of 7
● English 12 and 67% Average: Overall score of 6.5
● English 12, Communications 12 and 50-67%
● Program of study is Technology Entry (TE): 6.0
● Program of study is Business Fundamentals: 5.5
Average: Overall score of 6.0

Entrance Scholarships

International Student Award

Awarded to international students who achieve the highest GPA in the first year of their program.

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