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Kent State University

Kent State University

Kent State University

What the Kent State University has to offer ?

Optional Practical Training, Co-Op/Internship Participation, Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

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Kent State University is one of the best universities international students can attend in Ohio. At Kent State, students have the opportunity to choose many schools including: School of Fashion, School of Nursing, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and more! Kent State holds the #1 spot for fashion design and merchandising programs in the Midwest. They are also ranked in the top 100 of best graduate education schools. Kent State has become an engine for economic, cultural, and workforce development. Their top priority is to ensure that students have the education, experiences, and support they need to graduate. At Kent State, people travel from every corner of the globe to do work that paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. Here, students will find world-class faculty serving as researchers and mentors. Alumni leaders in business, healthcare, education and beyond, and students unafraid to break the mould and push boundaries.

Why Kent State University? 

Kent State University has committed to providing learning that sparks epic thinking, meaningful voice, and invaluable outcomes to better society. They transform lives and communities through the power of discovery, learning, and creative expression in an inclusive environment. Kent State offers a distinctive blend of teaching, research, and creative excellence. They encourage active inquiry and discovery that expands knowledge and human understanding. It’s many international students first time traveling abroad to a new country. Kent State was ranked the 25th safest campus in the United States, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Kent State is true believer in diversity of culture, beliefs, identity, and thought. The international student population on campus is over 1,700 students. Kent State provides students with a safe platform to share their freedom of expression and be free exchange of ideas.

440+ Academic Programs to Choose From at Kent State University

Undergraduate Programs

● Bachelor of Science – Insurance Studies
● Bachelor of Science – Engineering Technology – Computer Design, Animation and Game Design
● Associate of Applied Business – Business Management Technology – Business Administration
● Bachelor of Science – Aeronautics – Aeronautical Studies
● Bachelor of Arts – Art History
● Bachelor of Science – Athletic Training
● Bachelor of Science – Biotechnology
● Bachelor of Science – Applied Mathematics – Probability and Statistics

Postgraduate Programs

● Master of Science – Applied Mathematics
● Master of Science – Biological Sciences – Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
● Master of Business Administration – Business Administration – Economics
● Master of Science – Chemistry

Language Proficiency Requirements Global Scholarship

IELTS: Minimum 6.0 Overall

Reading: 6.0 Minimum
Writing: 6.0 Minimum
Listening: 6.0 Minimum
Speaking: 6.0 Minimum

*Above scores are for direct entry

Global Scholarship

The Global Scholarship grants eligible undergraduate students or transfer students $4,000 per year ($2,000 per semester). Students may receive the Global Scholarship for a total of eight semesters. Students will be automatically considered for the scholarship upon admission to the university.

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