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LaSalle College

Why LaSalle College?

LaSalle College supports cultural, social, and economic diversity in the modern world. They help students develop the skills needed such as self-respect, respect for others, team spirit, open-mindedness, and the ability to adapt to any given situation. LaSalle College continues to learn and utilise cutting-edge technologies used in the industry. They support students intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness towards continuing education. LaSalle College is a post-secondary education institution, offering learning cantered, career focused programs in the applied arts to a diverse and engaged student body. They seek to create a stimulating learning environment where committed and talented students, led by dedicated faculty, can develop their creativity and acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in their fields of study.

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What College Of LaSalle

Post Graduation Work Permit, Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

LaSalle College was founded in 1959 and is located in the LaSalle borough of Montreal. In 1998, LaSalle College expanded to Vancouver, British Columbia. LaSalle College has experienced a steady expansion of its educational network to countries around the world. They cater specifically to the needs of its growing student body. LaSalle College offers more than just a qualification. It provides students with comprehensive learning experiences in a warm, inclusive, and dynamic environment. It pushes students to develop their skills in entrepreneurship and encourages them to innovate by fully assuming their place in society, as a global citizen. LaSalle College Vancouver prides itself on small class size, a friendly environment, hands-on delivery, and excellent industry-experienced instructors. The goal is to provide excellence in knowledge building and skill development to assist its students in achieving their career goals.

90+ Academic Programs to Choose From at LaSalle College

Diploma Programs

● College Diploma (DEC) – Special Care Counselling
● Attestation of College Studies (AEC) – Transportation Logistics
● Attestation of College Studies (AEC) – Network Management – CISCO and MICROSOFT
● College Diploma – Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management
● College Diploma – Culinary Arts
● College Diploma – Graphic Design & Foundation for Design
● College Diploma – Business Management

Degree Programs

● Bachelor of Applied Design – Interior Design (Optional Co-Op)
● Bachelor of Design – Graphic Design (Optional Co-Op)
● Bachelor of Science – Game Programming
● Bachelor of Design – Fashion Design

Language Proficiency Requirements LaSalle Vancouver Talent Scholarship

Montreal IELTS & Duolingo Scores*
● DEC Programs
○ IELTS Score: 6.0 overall with a 6.5 in writing for direct entry
○ Duolingo Score: 105+ overall

● AEC Programs
○ IELTS Score: 6.0 overall
○ Duolingo Score: 90+ overall

● DEP Programs
○ IELTS Score: 6.0 overall
○ Duolingo Score: 90+ overall

Vancouver IELTS Scores*
● Diploma Programs: Minimum 6.0 overall
● Degree Programs: Minimum 6.5 overall

LaSalle Vancouver Talent Scholarship

LaSalle College Vancouver offers scholarships worth up to 20% of the annual full-time tuition for new students in diploma and degree programs. Scholarships are offered to eligible new students in any of the following areas of study:
● Game Design and VFX
● Interior Design
● Graphic Design
● Fashion
● Audio and Film
● Culinary

*Disclaimer: Tuition fees, living costs, scholarships, and language requirements are subject to change and may vary by program. 

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