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Newfoundland And Labrador

Newfoundland And Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada. It has two land masses: the island of Newfoundland and Labrador which is connected to the mainland. It’s boosted with natural resources and energy so has evolved into a most significant economic force in Canada. NLPNP is the provincial nominee program of Newfoundland and Labrador. It attracts the prospective immigrants with experience and skills to receive a Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nomination Certificate which will allow them to apply for Canada PR with faster processing time.

NLPNP is classified under the following categories:

  1. Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker
  2. Skilled Worker Category

Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker

The Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker category allows NLPNP to nominate the skilled candidates (with job offers) through the Federal Express Entry immigration selection system. The prospective immigrants accepted under the Federal Express Entry Pool might apply to the Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker Category.

Candidates will get an additional points towards their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score which will increase their chances to apply for Canada Permanent Residence.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  1. Candidates applying under NB PNP must:

    1. Score at least 67 points out of 100 in the Federal Skilled Worker Class’s selection factors.
    2. Have at least one year of continuous work experience, or an equivalent paid part-time work experience from an employer in New Brunswick in primary occupation.
    3. Be of an age between 22 and 55.
    4. Have completed a high school degree from Canada or post-secondary educational credentials (at least I year), or a foreign educational credential from a required organization. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, issued by an IRCC designated organization is the must in case of foreign educational credential.
    5. Have an immediate family member living in New Brunswick on PR/Citizen.
    6. Have French as Primary language and NOC available in a listed Occupation.
    7. Have attended the Sessions of NB and NOC should be listed.
    8. Show enough funds to support themselves as well as their family members in the province.
    9. Sign and submit a commitment to work & live in New Brunswick.

Skilled Worker Category

Skilled Worker category allows NLPNP to accept applications from the candidates with a guaranteed job offer from Newfoundland and Labrador employer. Candidates working in the province with valid work permit might also be eligible to apply under this category.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Candidates must:

      1. Have a valid work permit or apply for it;
      2. Demonstrate the ability to settle down permanently in Newfoundland and Labrador;
      3. Have the experience to perform the job (including accreditation);
      4. Provide language efficiency proof (English/French); and
      5. Have a full-time job offer from the province or job/job offer with a salary & benefits package which meets the employment standards of the province.