San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University

Why San Francisco State University?

SF State is one of the nation’s leading public urban universities. Promoting respect for scholarship, freedom, and human diversity, the University’s faculty and administration encourages students to ignore traditional barriers. SF State has a international student population of over 1,500 students. Students will learn by helping people solve real-life problems, take part in research projects with senior faculty, and collaborate with classmates. SF State is an institution that cares about its community. Their students learn outside of classrooms and laboratories; they learn in the vibrant community of the Bay Area. San Francisco is one of the best locations any student could ask for. Students can find an awesome view and unexpected thrills over every hill. Ride cable cars, explore authentic ethnic neighbourhoods, hang out at downtown clubs, and theatre venues, or stroll through eucalyptus groves in city parks. San Francisco and nearby Silicon Valley comprises the nation’s high tech capital and the home of biotechnology.

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What College Of San Francisco State University?

Optional PracticalTraining, Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

San Francisco State University (SF State) Is an institution that innovates, challenges the status quo, and is making waves in the educational world. By attending SF State, students get more than an education, they get an experience. Their alumni are known worldwide as agents of change, creative artists, activists, inventors, and company founders. Once a student at SF State, always a leader who is engaged and innovative. SF State offers bachelor’s degrees in 75 disciplines, master’s degrees in 63 disciplines, and more than 50 certificate and credential programs. SF State’s faculty includes Guggenheim Fellowship recipients, Emmy Award, and Pushcart Prize winners, National Science Foundation honourees, and other internationally recognised leaders. They regularly work with Apple, Google, Facebook, the Smithsonian Institute, the National Institutes of Health, NASA, and Pixar.

180+ Academic Programs to Choose From at San Francisco State University

Bachelor Degree Programs

● Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – Finance
● Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – International Business
● Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology
● Bachelor of Arts – Family and Consumer Sciences
● Bachelor of Science – Statistics
● Bachelor of Arts – Physics
● Bachelor of Arts – Child and Adolescent Development – School Age Child and Family
● Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics – Mathematics for Advanced Study
● Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – Information Systems

Master Programs

● Master of Science – Geographic Information Science
● Master of Arts – Geography – Resource Management and Environmental Planning
● Master of Arts – Family and Consumer Sciences
● Master of Fine Arts – Creative Writing
● Master of Arts – Education – Mathematics Education
● Master of Arts – Education – Early Childhood Education
● Master of Arts – Economics
● Master of Arts – Communication Studies
● Master of Arts – Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

Post-Graduate Programs

● Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management
● Graduate Certificate – International Business Management – Logistics System
● Graduate Certificate – Autism and Behavioural Science
● Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management

Language Proficiency Requirements CAEL Scholarships

Undergraduate IELTS Scores
Minimum 6.0 overall*
Post-Graduate IELTS Scores
Minimum 6.5 overall*

International Student Scholarship

$1,500 is awarded to students who are enrolled in full-time studies, and participate in community involvement activities with the international student centre.

*Disclaimer: Tuition fees, living costs, scholarships, and language requirements are subject to change and may vary by program. 

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