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Seneca College

Seneca College

Seneca College

What The Seneca College Has To Offer ?

Post Graduation Work Permit, Co-Op/Internship Participation,Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

*Information listed is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Hfe Immigration Pvt Ltd.

Seneca College offers students more than an education. With campuses located throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca offers students the opportunity to live in Canada’s largest city. Seneca’s size and diversity gives students the advantage of partnerships with industry leaders, the latest hands-on computer technology, a variety of class sizes, full-time, part-time and continuing education options. Education should be flexible and accessible to all. Seneca employs various methods of teaching – from in-class lectures and online learning, co-op and field placements, and programs related to applied arts, business, financial services, and technology. Seneca’s York campus, is the home to many schools, including the Animation Arts Centre, Communication Arts, Computer Studies, Biological Science and Applied Chemistry, as well as, Corporate Communications, and Technical Communication programs.

Why Seneca College? 

Seneca has over 500 career options, nearly 200 full-time programs and 140 part-time programs available. Students who successfully graduate walk away with practical experience from their co-op placements, internships, field placements, and practicums. Seneca has a growing international student population. They have 7,000 international students from 150 countries studying at Seneca. 43 percent of Seneca full-time students have a different first language than English. Seneca partners with industry experts to provide opportunities to students giving them the opportunity to solve real-world problems. Graduates are part of a alumni network of over 175,000 professionals working globally. Seneca supports all international students starting from pre-arrival to after graduation. International students have an on campus support service that can assist with the transition to campus life.

175+ Academic Programs to Choose From at Seneca College

Undergraduate Programs

● Advanced College Diploma – Biotechnology – Advanced (Optional Co-op)
● Advanced College Diploma – Chemical Engineering Technology
● Advanced College Diploma – Graphic Design
● College Diploma – Social Service Worker
● Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration – Marketing (Optional Co-op)
● College Diploma – Library and Information Technician
● College Diploma – Law Clerk

Postgraduate Programs

● Graduate Certificate – Brand Management (Optional Co-op)
● Graduate Certificate – Government Relations (Optional Co-op)
● Graduate Certificate – Game Art and Animation
● Graduate Certificate – Public Relations – Corporate Communications (Optional Co-op)

Top Undergraduate Disciplines:

1. Computer Systems Technician
2. Business (Co-op)
3. Early Childhood Education
4. Motive Power Technician
5. Business – Marketing

Language Proficiency Requirements

IELTS: Minimum 6.0 Overall

Reading: 5.5 Minimum
Writing: 5.5 Minimum
Listening: 5.5 Minimum
Speaking: 5.5 Minimum

* Overall score of 6.5 with no score less than 6.0 for Degree and Graduate Certificate programs.

Diploma & Graduate Certificate Entrance Scholarships

$1,000 – $500 There are a limited number of entrance scholarships available to international students. The renewable portion is based on yearly GPA and that students must maintain full-time status to be eligible. Their GPA must remain above 3.0 to be eligible for the award.

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