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Why Trent University?

At Trent University international students will be a part of a vibrant international learning community with other students and people from all around the world. They will have the support of the Trent International staff, who understand their needs and value their academic success. Trent’s international community is made up of 900+ international students from 79 countries. Undergraduate and graduate students connect and collaborate with faculty, staff, and peers through diverse communities that span residential colleges, classrooms, disciplines, hands-on research, co-curricular, and community-based activities. In a learning environment that builds lifelong passion for inclusion, leadership, and social change Trent’s students, alumni, faculty, and staff are engaged global citizens who are catalysts in developing sustainable solutions to complex issues.

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What College Of Trent University

Post Graduation, Work Permit, Co Op/Internship Participation, Work While Studying, Conditional Offer Letter, Accommodations Available

Trent University is consistently nationally recognised for leadership in teaching, research, and student satisfaction. Trent University attracts top students from around the world. Trent has been Ontario’s #1 undergraduate university for eight years in a row and ranked in the top 3.4% of universities in the world. Located just 90-minutes from Toronto, Trent’s Peterborough Campus boasts award-winning architecture in a breathtaking setting on the banks of the Otonabee River. Across all disciplines, Trent brings critical, integrative thinking to life every day. Trent’s unique approach to personal development through supportive, collaborative community engagement is in more demand than ever. Students lead the way by co-creating experiences rooted in dialogue, diverse perspectives, and collaboration.

240+ Academic Programs to Choose From at Trent University

Bachelor Degree Programs

● Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology
● Bachelor of Arts and Science
● Bachelor of Science – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
● Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences
● Bachelor of Business Administration
● Bachelor of Science – Business & Science
● Bachelor of Science – Chemical Physics
● Bachelor of Science – Computing Systems and Physics
● Bachelor of Arts – Economics
● Bachelor of Arts – Environmental and Resource Studies
● Bachelor of Science – Environmental Geoscience
● Bachelor of Arts – Geography

Undergraduate Diploma Programs

● University Diploma – Canadian Studies

Post-Graduate Programs

● Post-Graduate Certificate – Marketing and Entrepreneurship
● Post-Graduate Certificate – Human Resource Management
● Graduate Diploma – Instrumental Chemical Analysis
● Master of Arts – History
● Master of Instrumental Chemical Analysis
● Master of Science – Forensic Science

Language Proficiency Requirements Entrance Scholarships

Undergraduate & Postgraduate
IELTS Scores
Minimum 6.5 overall with no individual band under 6.0.

International Entrance Scholarships

Trent University offers one time, merit-based scholarships awarded to qualifying international students when they receive an offer of admission.
– 95% Average: $3,000
– 90% Average: $2,500
– 85% Average: $1,500
– 80% Average: $1,000

*Disclaimer: Tuition fees, living costs, scholarships, and language requirements are subject to change and may vary by program. 

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