UK Tier System

UK Tier System

The UK Visa Is Classified On A Tier System- Tier 1 And Tier 2

Tier 1:

In April 2011, the new UK Highly Skilled Tier was introduced. This new type of visa has replaced the Tier 1 General Visa, which was known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP). The UK Border Agency has stopped accepting Tier 1 (General) applications made from overseas since 23 December 2010.

Under the new Highly UK Skilled Tier Visa, an entry in the UK would be open for entrepreneurs, investors, and limited people under the exceptional talent category. The new Tier 1 immigration system will concentrate on businessmen and people such as top scientists, artists, and sportspersons

From April 2011, only the limited few Entrepreneurs and Investors and people with Skilled Talents would only qualify under the new Highly Skilled Tier Visa and would make it to the UK.

Tier 2:

The Classes under this visa:

  • General: There are sealing for applications for migrants will salaries under 1,50,000 while there is no such sealing for migrants with salaries above 1,50,000.

  • Priests: Ministers and priests of different faiths and communities

  • Sportsmen: For internationally acclaimed sportsmen/coaches with significant achievements in their respective fields